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What are the first 4 steps one should take when thinking about a kitchen makeover?

1. Decide on the type of makeover
A full kitchen  makeover entails the removal of existing cupboards, worktops, tiling and other fittings and replacing them with new ones. It more often than not also requires some demolition and construction, plumbing and electrical work. Upgrades in the kitchen could mean adding cupboards to the existing kitchen, changing worktops only, painting existing cupboards etc. Full kitchen makeovers are obviously the more expensive of the two options. The first step is to consider whether the kitchen requires a full makeover or merely some form of upgrade.
2. Decide on the layout
When deciding about a new kitchen, one of the most important aspects to consider is the layout. If you are not planning to change the flooring, for example, it would be wise to retain the existing layout as far as possible. If the flooring will change, you have a lot more options regarding the layout. When planning the kitchen floor plan, bear in mind that the layout will also affect other aspects of the project. For example, if you plan on having an island with a gas or electric stove, or with a prep bowl, you will have to make provision for electrical and plumbing installations which will most likely run underfloor.
3. Think practical
It is always good to have a wish list of what you require in your new kitchen, for example space for the dishwasher, a suspended microwave unit, a spice rack, waste bin unit and wine rack. One has to be practical when planning the kitchen, however. For example, if the kitchen is too small you may need to consider alternatives for placing the washing machine. Also, plan for practical "zones" in the kitchen: food storage (refrigeration and groceries), food preparation (cooker and worktops), cleaning (sinks and prep bowls), pots and pans, and china and cutlery.
4. Get professional assistance
A kitchen makeover is most probably the one type of renovation project where one should contract in a professional contractor. Do this as early in the process as possible. The contractor should be able to assist with the layout, design and advice. If you put in a collaborative effort, the kitchen makeover is more likely to be successful.