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When contemplating a kitchen makeover, homeowners often think it will be a hugely expensive exercise, and it may well become one, depending on the nature of the renovations. However, there are cheaper alternatives that one can consider to fit the budget and still have an enormous visual impact. Think of the following 5 cheap ways to improve your kitchen:


1.    Paint – for some reason, many people are still resistant to painting old wooden kitchen cupboards. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing all the doors or even replacing the cupboards entirely. Solid wooden cupboards can be sanded down and various painting techniques used to give them a brand-new look. The exposed wall areas in kitchen also lend themselves perfectly for feature colours.

2.    Fittings – you will be surprised at the difference new cupboard handles make in your kitchen. They are not expensive and generally easy to install.

3.    Splash-backs – there are many creative and cheaper ways to decorate the splash-backs (the areas between the countertops and higher cupboards) other than the traditional tile or mosaic. Consider a stainless steel plate, Perspex sheeting, faux stone cladding or merely a coat of paint.

4.    Extra lighting – Use down-lights or strip-lights underneath the top cupboards or in bulkheads to light splash-backs and countertops for a warm and welcoming atmosphere in kitchens. These lights are really cheap, and strip-lights especially are very easy to install. You can also replace your existing light fittings with new ones.

5.    Tops – If your countertops are old and tired you do not need to replace them with granite or other expensive materials. These days, there are Formica (veneered wooden chipboard) tops available that are a fraction of the price of granite but look almost as good.