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One of the most regular questions we at Smarten Renovate and other renovation contractors get, is what a kitchen makeover will cost. This is of course a very difficult question to answer because each kitchen is different and there are a number of variables involved such as:
  1. The floorsize of the kitchen
  2. The type and colour of cupboard finishes
  3. The type and colour of worktops
  4. Other work required such as demolition and construction of walls, electrical & plumbing installations etc
  5. Special needs such as soft closing hinges and runners
  6. The cost of appliances and other fittings
Here are some ballpark cost indicators to give you an idea of what your full kitchen makeover should cost you:

Small kitchen (floor space between 10 and 15 sq m) with no structural or service point changes:
Between R 65 000 and R 85 000 all inclusive, depending on the finishes and fittings

Medium-sized kitchen (floor space between 15 and 20 sq m) with some demolition, construction and additional and changed electrical and plumbing service points:
Between R 85 000 and R 130 000 depending on the nature of the structural and service point changes, the finishes and fittings

Large kitchen (floor space more than 25 sq m) with demolition, construction and additional or changed service points:
Between R 120 000 and R 250 000, depending on the structural changes, service point additions and changes, finishes and fittings