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The Covid-19 South African lockdown is here, most of us are holed up in our own homes of which we are also the owners, and without exception we have some anxiety and lots and lots of questions.

One thing we do know is that essential services will continue to be provided. These include all services that protect the health and safety of citizens. Of importance to the property owner is to note that the following are deemed essential services:

1) Electrical supply
2) Water supply
3) Sanitation

This means that plumbers and electricians that have registered as essential services will be able to provide emergency services at properties.

In general, what each homeowner should do is the following:
1) Keep a list of all the Covid-19 Hotline numbers readily available. These are the numbers you must call if you show symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. Here they are:
  • Covid-19 National Hotline: 0800 029 999
  • WhatsApp updates: 0600 123 456
  • Mediclinic Covid-19 Hotline: 0860 240 024
  • Western Covid-19 Cape hotline: 021 928 4102
  • Gauteng Covid-19 hotline: 0800 428 8364
2) List other emergency numbers if you have not yet done so and make it available to everyone in the household. This should of course include the SAPS number 08600 10111, but should also include other numbers like the local fire brigade, your doctor, the closest pharmacy, etc.
3) Get the numbers of reliable plumbers and electricians if you do not yet have them. Phone around, ask your friends or family members and then check whether the specific service provider is in fact registered as an essential service. You should also be able to get numbers of such registered service providers from companies such as Smarten or other construction and renovation contractors.