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Being at home during the Covid-19 lock-down can present us with opportunities to improve our properties. We do not have the luxury of contracting in renovation contractors or maintenance service providers at the moment. We may also not necessarily have access to all the materials and tools for major projects around the house. Smarten Renovate suggests that we start with smaller projects and hacks that will improve our lives around the house. 

Let's start with the garage. Follow these steps:

1. Assess - look around the garage and see what you have there and what you really need there. Then decide how you are going to arrange the space.
2. Maximise the space - use the walls for vertical hanging space on boards, pegs, hooks and so on. Use the ceiling for drop-down shelving. Use the space between the roof beams for storage. Construct a hinged, fold-away workbench.
3. Install more shelving and cabinets - Shelving and cabinets in the garage does not need to be aesthetically pleasing; it needs to be sturdy. Re-use old kitchen cabinets. Make shelves from old wooden off-cuts and simple brackets.
4. Organise the small things - Think about how you can organise and store all those small items like screws, nuts and bolts, nails, drillbits etc. Use old screw-lid jars or tins. Look at drawer organisers in the kitchen. Once you start looking around and thinking creatively, you may be surprised at what you can achieve.

Take a look at this article for some fantastic garage hacks ideas: