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At Smarten Renovate we believe that property improvement projects can increase the equity of any property significantly. This said, although some projects can add substantial value, others simply don’t. So which projects should you invest in, and which should you avoid? 

Today, we will look at perhaps the most important type of property improvement project which, if executed correctly, will result in a very high return on investment and increase in property value, namely bathrooms.


Anyone who has been in houses with insufficient, inconvenient, cramped, poorly maintained or out-dated bathrooms knows how important these spaces are. Bathrooms are extremely high on the list of how much the potential buyer is expected to pay. If you upgrade your existing bathrooms, or add extra bathrooms or conveniences, it will add considerable value to your home.


Here are some tips to maximise your return on investment:

·         Create as much space as you can. Increase the square metres in your bathroom. Consider discarding underutilised cupboards or the bath in the second bathroom and replacing it with a shower. Lighter and larger tiles generally create the perception of more space.

·         Generate all the light you can get. Fit more or bigger windows if possible, think about installing skylights, and use sufficient artificial lighting.

·         Do not use paint colours and tiles that will look old-fashioned easily. Avoid extreme colours and patterns.

·         Buyers love those “extras” such as double vanity basins and spacious showers, clean lines, modern amenities and fittings that combine practicality and aesthetic looks.

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