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The following tips may help you in considering painting and how to go about in painting projects:

·         Think “everywhere” and not just some inside walls. Freshly painted exterior house walls, fascias and barge boards, windows and window sills, roofs and garden walls, all create the impression of newness and will attract potential buyers.

·         If you paint inside walls, do not neglect the ceilings and cornices.

·         Crisply-painted white inside doors and cornices against a slightly darker wall creates a particularly clean, luxurious and fresh impression.

·         Paint interior fittings and trims like dingy old cupboards and panelling.

·         These days people like bolder colours, but stay away from too bright such as neon yellow or bright red.

·         Look out for spaces where you can create a coloured feature, such as niches, pillars, or inside arches, and be creative with complimenting colours.

·         Remember that painting does not simply entail applying a splash of new colour. First repair drill holes, cracks and lifting paint. Do not paint over picture-hanging nails – remove and repair them first. Some materials such as raw wood and metal require a primer. If you are unsure, ask a professional.