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If you are selling your house, you should always put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Would you pay the asking price? The problem sometimes is, sellers try to focus on specific outstanding elements like that massive main bedroom or third bathroom, but often neglect the first impressions that their house create. Simple, non-expensive renovations can make all the difference in adding value. Consider the following:


·         People form their opinions within the first few minutes, if not seconds, of seeing your house for the first time. That “picture” must be appealing and pleasant, and not even in the slightest disturbing.

·         Potential buyers obviously notice the front garden almost immediately. A manicured lawn instead of yellow grass and dry patches will attract them immediately. Watch out for over-expensive landscaping though – this has been proven to have an extremely low return on investment. Rather go for simplicity and neatness in a well-maintained garden.

·         The look of the roof, gutters and fascia boards can make or break a sale. Faded roof tiles, rusted corrugated iron roofs, broken or eroded fascia or barge boards create a dreadful impression.

·         Paving in the driveway and around the house should be neat and without weed.

·         The front door and wooden garage doors should be neatly maintained and freshly coated with wood finish.