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Smarten Renovate/Smarten Projects continues providing its well-known full-service kitchen makeovers and installations . Please note, however, that because of the Covid-19 threat, we have made significant changes to our standard operating procedures to protect ourselves and our clients. For example, all employees are screened twice daily, all surfaces and hands are sanitized regularly, all work areas are isolated, and strict social distancing is practiced.

We use only the best materials and methods to ensure that our kitchen projects deliver the highest quality products. We have a long list of highly satisfied clients who will be willing to testify to our exceptional service and superb quality kitchens. The difference between us and many of our competitors is that we project-manage the full kitchen makeover, including cabinets, tops, electrical work, plumbing, tiling, bulkheads, lighting, etc. and do not leave it up to the client to bring all the different elements together. Go to "Gallery" on our website to see some examples of our completed kitchens or have a look at our Facebook page or Instagram Account.

For further information call Gerrit on 0794955286 or click on the tab on this page to request a free quote.