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As we have pointed out in other Smarten Renovate articles, renovating a bathroom has great potential to increase the value of a home in most cases. Bathrooms are very personal spaces, and how they look and feel are extremely important to most property owners. Here, we look at some of the most important things to consider when you contemplate renovating a bathroom.

1.      Budget

The first obvious aspect to consider is “What is my budget?” If you have a limited budget, there are ways in which you can still renovate your bathroom without spending too much. For example, an average-sized bathroom (6 sq m floor) in South Africa could cost as much as R70 000 or more for a total makeover with new utility positions and higher end fittings, or it could cost as little as R 16 000 if you only retile. It all depends on what you can afford to spend and what you want to achieve.

2.      Space

Consider the space you are working with. If you have a small bathroom, do not try to fit in both a bath and a shower, for example. If there is no space for a double vanity, install a single one. Consider installing a toilet with a sunken cistern or a walk-in shower to give you more space. Also look at the existing layout and consider changing the positions of the shower, bath, basins and toilet to give you optimal space utilisation.

3.      Lighting

Lighting in any bathroom is crucial, more so than in other rooms, because bathrooms are normally limited in space relative to other rooms in the house. Sufficient natural and artificial light, equally distributed, should be the goal. Strive for both practicality and aesthetics. For example, do not install an ornate chandelier with insufficient light which will cause facial shadows when looking in the mirror. Also if possible, install larger windows or a skylight to let in more natural light.

4.      Ventilation

Because of the moisture and heat in bathrooms, sufficient ventilation is another factor that can never be neglected. Ensure that there is enough ventilation – install an extractor fan if necessary.

5.      Storage

We find that often, storage space in bathrooms is neglected. Ensure that you have enough storage space for towels and bathroom products. Consider unused spaces, also higher up against the walls, where shelves and cabinets can be installed to satisfy all your storage needs.

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