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3 Most frequently-asked questions on tiling

Tiling contractors often have to answers questions related to tiling, whether it is for floors or walls. Here we address some of the most frequently-asked ones.

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4 Basic things to know about kitchen makeovers

Everyone dreams about the perfect kitchen, and there is nothing wrong with that, because kitchens are generally the most-visited and most-used rooms in all homes. This article looks at some basic facts one needs to consider when thinking about kitchen makeovers.

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4 first steps in kitchen makeovers

A kitchen makeover is a costly project and should be planned and executed carefully. This article explains the first steps one should take when contemplating such a project.

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4 steps to stop dishonest contractors before they start

There are way too many dishonest home improvement contractors in South Africa today, and the number is growing as the economic situation gets worse. This article explores 4 ways in which you, the consumer, can stop unscrupulous contractors before they even start

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4 Tips for choosing renovation contractors in South Africa

Many renovation projects fail because the relationship between the property owner and the contractor turns sour. One way of preventing this from happening, is to choose your contractor very carefully in the first place. This article explores 4 ways of doing that.

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5 Cheap ways to improve your kitchen

When contemplating a kitchen makeover, homeowners often think it will be a hugely expensive exercise, and it may well become one, depending on the nature of the renovations. However, there are cheaper alternatives that one can consider to fit the budget and still have an enormous visual impact. Think of the following 5 cheap ways to improve your kitchen:

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5 First steps when renovating your property

A common mistake many property owners make is to rush into a new renovation project without thinking it through without proper planning. Here are the first five steps in sequence one needs to take when contemplating a new renovation project:

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5 Reasons to use drywall in your home in SA

South African homeowners have seemingly long held the belief that quality building and improvement in residential properties can only be achieved using brick and mortar. Drywall as a preferred material for domestic use has thus largely been neglected over the years. The purpose of this article is to point out the advantages of using drywall at one’s home, and to give 5 reasons to do so.

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5 steps to assess your property during Covid-19 lockdown

This article provides some tips on how to go about assessing your property during the Covid-19 South African lockdown

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Cheap is not cheap in renovations

People often go for "cheaper" options in renovation projects and then later pay the price. At Smarten Renovate, we have seen the damage that these cheaper options can cause.

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Cost of a multifaceted home makeover

Most clients are completely unaware of what market-related costs of professional home renovations and alterations entail prior to starting the renovation process or obtaining quotes. We have therefore decided to publish this article as a guide on baseline costs.

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Cost of Kitchen Makeovers in South Africa

One of the most regular questions we at Smarten Renovate and other renovation contractors get, is what a kitchen makeover will cost. Here we look at various scenarios and give ballpark figures

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Cost of renovation in South Africa

One of the first and most prevalent questions property owners ask when they start thinking of renovation projects in South Africa, is “How much will this cost?” Today we will explore the relevance of this question, take a look at how cost of renovation in South Africa is determined in general, and give a broad indication of what projects should cost.

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Covid-19 Lockdown Emergencies

This article provides information on the South African Covid-19 2020 lockdown and what to do as a property owner in an emergency.

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Covid-19 Protective Products

This is a list of the products from Smarten for social distancing and personal protection due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Drywalling for all properties

These days, more and more people are using drywalling in their homes as well, breaking the long-standing belief that quality building and improvement in one’s home can only be achieved through using brick and mortar. This article serves as an introduction to drywalls, and points out its distinct advantages.

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Four stages of renovation project relationships

Renovation contractors and home improvement service providers in South Africa often go through a predictable pattern in terms of their relationship and frames of mind. This article may help to predict the stages that this relationship go through and gives hints on how to deal with them.

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Garage hacks to use during Covid-19 lockdown

At the moment in South Africa during the Covid-19 lock-down, we have ample time to assess our homes for maintenance or upgrade needs. Today, we look at the garage.

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Increase property value with bathrooms

Bathroom Renovations has been proven to result in a very high return on investment and increase in property value. This article will help you to maximise your return on investment.

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Joe the renovation contractor from hell

Meet Joe the renovation contractor from hell. Joe is that contractor that you have to stay far away from. And this is why...

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Paint: cheap and sensible renovations

Painting has been proven to be one of the least expensive ways to freshen and improve the look of your home, while at the same time consistently adding value to the property and yielding an almost 100 percent return on the investment. A far as renovation projects go, painting is the one that homeowners should consider first

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Project Management in Renovations

Work in the renovations sector of the construction industry is often dealt with haphazardly, and that is exactly where it starts failing. At Smarten Renovate we believe that approaching and managing renovations as projects is crucial for their success, and that renovation contractors must play a pivotal part in project management. In this article, we expand on this point.

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Renovate sensibly to increase property value

International and local experts agree that home improvements, if done wisely, can effectively increase the resale value of a property. Research indicates that certain improvements add more value than others, and many of the experts concur that huge capital outlay is often unnecessary.

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Renovate sensibly: First impressions are lasting

If you are renovating your property, you should always consider your return on your investment. You should consider whether if you sell your house, you will get your asking price. Here, we make the point that first impressions are lasting, and that if you are renovating with the objective to get the maximum return on investment when selling, you can do so through very simple renovation projects.

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Renovate your kitchen for value addition

Kitchen Renovations, if done correctly and sensibly, can result in a very high return on investment and increase in property value for the owner.

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Renovation contractors have risks too

The vast majority of renovation contractors in South Africa are honest, hardworking people who merely wants to provide a service and make a living. This, of course, means that they also have risks, both personal and in business.

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Renovations and the Coronavirus

This article addresses the possible impact of the Coronavirus on renovation projects in South Africa and explores the steps that renovation contractors and clients can take to minimise the risks of contamination.

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Smarten Bookings

This is an article explaining the Smarten booking process

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Smarten Complete Home Makeover Services

Once in a while, all homes need remodeling. Smarten Renovate provides a one-stop shop for all your renovation needs, including kitchen, bathroom, interior and exterior. We believe the client needs to be spared the effort of turning to different contractors for different projects.

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Smarten Renovate Drywalling Services

Smarten Renovate has re-activated its dedicated section of drywalling teams, once more satisfying the demand for drywall installations in Pretoria and Johannesburg after Covid-19.

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Smarten Renovate Kitchen Services

Smarten Renovate now offers a full-cycle kitchen makeover service, which includes any kitchen cabinets and worktop installations.

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Smarten Renovate Unique Selling Proposition

Smarten Renovate has taken Gauteng by storm over the past 4 years, and this is why we want the rest of the country to share in its services...

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Smarten Renovate Waterproofing Services

Smarten Renovate has assembled a dedicated waterproofing- and painting team with effect from 1 January 2016.

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Social distancing and renovation in South Africa

South Africa is currently under lockdown due to the Coronavirus, which causes the Covid-19 disease. This means that no home improvement or renovation projects can be conducted because these are not deemed to be essential services. The lockdown will eventually be lifted, however, and this article explores how renovation contractors and consumers will have to adapt to social distancing once work can continue.

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The difference between renovation and maintenance

In the South African Home Improvement Contractor industry, people tend to use the terms "Renovation", "Home Improvement", "Property Maintenance" and so on interactively. What really is the definition of home renovation? And what then is property maintenance? Here, we explore the differences.

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The role of the owner in renovation projects

At Smarten Renovate, we often see how renovation projects can go wrong because of the relationship between the renovation contractor and the homeowner. Here are 3 simple tips for the homeowner to prevent problems and overspending:

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Top 5 things to consider when renovating a bathroom

As we have pointed out in other Smarten Renovate articles, renovating a bathroom has great potential to increase the value of a home in most cases. Bathrooms are very personal spaces, and how they look and feel are extremely important to most property owners. Here, we look at some of the most important things to consider when you contemplate renovating a bathroom.

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What is quality in renovation projects?

The most enduring issue in renovation projects is probably the question of quality. What is quality? What is quality management? To answer these questions one has to understand the underlying concepts. This article attempts to address at least some of the major issues in renovation quality management.

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