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Project monitoring

Our high success rating with customers emanates from our comprehensive professional approach, from quotation punctuality to job completion. The feedback of our customers in this regard is an essential component to maintain Smarten Renovate’s unsurpassable customer satisfaction levels.

We will contact you, the customer, via email or telephonically within 24 hours of your submitting a request for a quote or booking an appointment. We will then follow up to ensure that all appointments were kept and to establish when your quotes will be received, if not received already. Where possible, we endeavor to provide you with a full quote, a graphic representation of the final product, and a highly accurate (within 10% accuracy) duration estimate of the full duration of the project, all within 24 hours of the quote visit.

Once you have selected Smarten Renovate as your service provider, we follow up periodically (dependent on project size) and carry out consistent quality control to ensure you continue receiving great service. Our central quality control team ensures that none of our associates is ever allowed to compromise on quality of service. Of course, you always have the ease of mind that you can contact the quality control team at any time if there are any issues with your project. This is your opportunity to discuss any points of dissatisfaction that can be quickly remedied, before it escalates into a larger problem.

Safety in numbers

As a Smarten Renovate client, you will benefit from the ‘safety in numbers’ scenario, as your project accounts for one of the numerous jobs in progress every month. The risk of an associate’s permanent removal from our database for not rectifying your problems timeously and comprehensively has far greater financial implication for them than the cost of making you a happy client.

Because of this volume-driven strategy and our quality approach we have an incredible client satisfaction rate of above 90%. Very few renovation contractor enterprises, networks or associations come close.


We take the highest pride in our work and our superior standards.


Consistent follow-ups from quote to completion, and regular contact with and honest and comprehensive reports to the owner.

Performance rating

Your feedback directly influences the Associate’s profiles, and therefore we take such feedback very seriously.