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Let us clear some things up

Smarten Renovate has taken Gauteng by storm for various reasons, but one of them is that we have been able to establish a comprehensive network of similar-thinking professional and customer-focused service providers that is backed up by an established project management enterprise. Therefore, the customer always has the “safety-in numbers” scenario to give him or her piece of mind, with hundreds of projects being completed successfully yearly.
A Smarten Renovate consultant will contact you as soon as you show interest or upon your booking of a quote visit. After the first site visit, you will be provided with a comprehensive scope document according to your requirements, together with a full and final quotation stating all the labour and material costs to complete the renovation project. We also provide you with a 90% accurate projected timeline. Once approved by you, the work will start as soon as convenient for you, the customer, to be completed within the time-frame provided to you.
Smarten Renovate is responsible for all labour costs and all “hidden” materials inside walls and behind tiles. All these costs will be reflected in our quote. The customer is normally responsible for all costs on accessories like baths, toilets, shower enclosures, and all fittings such as taps, railings and shower heads, as well as tiles and tile cement and grout, unless the client requires us to supply these as well. However, the consultant normally advises the customer on which tiles, accessories and fittings would be best for the specific space, sometimes even without us knowing whether the customer will accept our quote.
Smarten Renovate specialises in bathroom and kitchen renovations, totally removing existing ones and replacing them with brand-new ones. Of course, this entails plumbing, lighting & electrical, tiling, painting, installation of accessories, ceilings, structural work and whatever else the customer requires to complete the project. We also do all other renovations, however, such as flooring, tiling, cladding, painting, structural work, and outside work such as additions, lapa’s and bomas from approved plans.
Any property owner or landlord who recognises the advantages of renewal (Smarten literally means improvement or betterment) to improve the quality of and equity in such property, will benefit from the services we offer. This is why we use the tagline “Renewal. Improvement. Growth.” to support our brand name. Our business model is based partly on the premise that the customer will experience real equity and return on investment in the long run on any of the projects that we involved in.
Smarten Renovate proudly has a client-satisfaction rate of above 90%. This is our pride, and we will never compromise on the fact that our customers’ need have to be met at all cost. This customer satisfaction rate is much higher than that of most renovation service providers around.
Smarten Renovate requires a 50% upon acceptance of quote and full outstanding payment after sign-off.

What sets us apart?


If we make an arrangement to be on site at a specific time, we will be there on time, whether it is for a quotation visit or work completion.


We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our duration estimations, one of the most difficult aspects of project management. Our initial estimations are never off by more than 10%, unless the scope of the project changes.


We provide a non-exclusive 18 month-long guarantee on all work done, and we have full public liability insurance in place, should there be any damage to property.


We will point out problems timeously rather than trying to hide them, and will only sign the project off and require final payment once the customer is fully satisfied.