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Smarten Renovate (Pty) Ltd, Reg No 2015/053474/07 focuses on renovation. Although we do engage in certain restricted building and development projects based on demand, our core business remains renewal and renovation of existing structures and spaces, and this is what we focus on with distinction.

    We are involved in the following categories of renovation projects:
  • Residential interiors & exteriors such as bathrooms, kitchens, tiling, painting, roofing, etc.
  • Office refurbishment such as installation of drywalls, flooring, lighting, etc.
  • Conversions, such as removing and installing windows and doors, re-invention of existing areas for other uses, enlargement of existing spaces, etc.
  • Additions of rooms to existing structures, such as adding an extra bathroom, bedroom or garage.
  • Retail property renewals, such as re-tiling shop floors, installation of drywalls, etc.
  • All other renovations, alterations & remodelling

Our business model is built on the premise that renewal of property leads to increased equity and growth in prosperity for the owner, and therefore we never compromise on quality of advice, service and installation.

    We offer our clients the following:
  • Quote visits within 24 hours of submission of quote requests, and quote finalisation within 48 hours after quote visits in most cases
  • Immediate availability to start the project – no long waiting periods because of our comprehensive networks
  • Free technical pre-quote advice at the first site visit and alternatives planning with our clients
  • Standard inside-the-wall defect detection and repair
  • Regular and comprehensive third-party Quality Control
  • Full Project Management services on all projects, including scope-, time-, quality-, and risk management
  • Full-time on-site professional management for the duration of the project
  • Comprehensive public liability cover
  • An 18 month non-exclusive workmanship guarantee on all work done

Smarten Renovate understands that all our customers want confidence in the standard of installation, service, and a dream space that complements and increases the value of their property. We are not the cheapest renovators around, but the consistent high rating of our customers confirms that we provide the most professional service and use the best material there is to give all our customers that confidence.

Additional Services

Civil Engineering services such as signing off plans and certificates for local councils; checking soil conditions; assessing foundations for adding storeys; recommending remedial actions for cracks, damp and foundation problems; designing first floor slabs, and assessing roof structures. These services are provided through Smarten Renovate’s contracted-in civil engineer, who is also registered with the NHBRC as a Responsible Person.
Architectural services such as architectural drawings, interior design plans and advice, complete building plans, house plans, innovative concepts and green design. Currently, two highly experienced registered architects collaborate with Smarten Renovate to provide these services.